An Engineering and Medical Supply Company

We have been engineering medical devices to make them easier to use and safer for patients and medical staff since 2014. We also provide medical supplies to hospitals around the world.


Stake Holders


Aaron is Managing Director of Resolve Designs.  Aaron is a mechanical engineer by training and has helped aerospace & defense, oil & gas and medical device companies comply with quality standards. He has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah and an MS in mechanical engineering from Montana State University.


Bruce is Director of Marketing and Sales in Resolve Designs. Bruce has owned other medical services companies such as health scan and tele medicine companies.  


Spencer is Director of Manufacturing in Resolve Designs. Spencer has managed and supervised production of high purity chemical delivery systems and has supervised the production of specialty oil and gas components. He has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Brigham Young University.


Ryszard is Director of Supply Chain and works with manufacturers on quality control. Ryszard has worked as Quality Manager in highly regulated production environments such as medical, aerospace, semiconductors, and oil & gas.


Trent is Director of Engineering of Resolve Designs. Trent has experience in research and product development as a Mechanical Engineer. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and an Master's of Science and Technology from the University of Utah. Trent is an inventor on multiple patents.


Todd Wheeler RN, our nursing partner, has worked in hospital ICU's for over 9 years and saw the shortcomings of current medication crushing devices and the related delivery methods. Feeding tubes would clog from inadequate crushing and nurses were exposed to hazardous medication dust around the work area. Todd developed a pill crushing system to eliminate these shortcomings and to meet the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and USP<800> standards that require containment of medication dust. Providing an ENFit connection on the pouch enables compatibility with ISO 80369-3 standards.


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