New Item! PP08 RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch

New Item! PP08 RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch

RxCrush introduces a new Pill Pouch for crushing smaller doses of medication. Pediatric patients and patients who are liquid sensitive or have limits to the amount of liquid ingested can be administered to with PP08. This smaller size pouch can efficiently dissolve medication with as little as 1ml ENFit syringes. Optimal size syringes for use with this "Pediatric Pouch" is 5ml.

Its small size also allows the pouch to fit into RxCrush Pill Crushers and other pill crushers that require pill pouches.

Product features

  • Pediatric size 30 ml capacity RxCrush Pill Pouch
  • Can be used with 1ml, 3ml, 5ml ENFit syringes or larger, up to 20ml.
  • Rx Crush Pediatric Pill Pouch has smooth interior contours to deliver more accurate dose,  leaving less residue in the pouch; more of the dose is delivered.
  • Full Locking ENFit nozzle for more sure connection to syringe.
  • Rx Crush Pill Pouch with locking ENFit, is ISO 80369-3 compliant.
  • Pouch contains hazardous drugs to assist with drug crushing recommendations in USP General Chapters USP<800>; USP<795>; and USP<797>;.
  • ENFit tip fits to ENFit syringes only. With transition connectors other style syringes can be attached.
  • Pill capacity is around 5 pills, depending on the medication. 
  • Thickness of material is 4 mil
  • Dimension: 2" x 4.375" x .05".  Pack dimensions are: 7" x 9" x 2" for 50.
  • Additional Pouch Cap is available, sold separately. 
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