RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch with Locking ENFit

RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch with Locking ENFit

GEDSA just released a chart showing the conversion to ENFit among the top rated hospitals in the US as reported by U.S. News & World Report. The report is shown below. Conversion rates to ENFit are increasing which makes the healthcare world safer for healthcare workers and patients.

RxCrush has ENFit equipped pill pouches that make pill crushing faster, safer and tidier than other methods; and are compatible with enteral feeding equipment for all patients. We have just introduced some new products that fit smaller patients who need smaller quantities of liquid when receiving dissolved solid medications. Pediatric Hospitals are will find the RxCrush ENFit Pediatric Pill Pouch more efficient for crushing and dissolving pills for pediatrics. To manage the smaller quantities of liquid there are also small ENFit Low Dose Tip Syringes now in inventory and ready to ship. The sizes are 1ml LDT, 3ml LDT, and 5ml (non LDT). All are ENFit size.

Here's where to see the RxCrush Pediatric Pouch. https://www.rxcrush.com/store. See item PP08 - RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch with Locking ENFit.

On the same store page take a look at ENFit syringes: SYEN1-LDT, SYEN3-LDT, SYEN5.

Here's the chart from GEDSA with data reported by U.S. News & World Report collected on the best ranked US hospitals.

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