USP<800> Compliance Update - from Webinar presented by Pharmacy Purchasing & Products

USP &lt;800&gt; Compliance Update: A Sneak Peek at PP&amp;P’s Latest Data July 14, 2022

Protecting health care personnel from HD exposure is an essential pharmacy responsibility, and USP &lt;800&gt; establishes guidelines to mitigate this risk. In this webinar, based on PP&amp;P’s most recent survey data, Fred Massoomi and Deanne Halvorsen will review regulatory requirements, recent inspection focal points, and the current state of compliance to USP &lt;800&gt; by hospitals nationwide. The webinar will review:

  • Key topics for state boards and accreditors during inspections
  • Top compliance milestones to achieve under USP &lt;800&gt;
  • Opportunities to leverage pharmacy technologies to mitigate risk to staff

Reference the webinar and slides from PP&amp;P:

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