Compliant with USP<800>?

We would love to hear how your facility is planning to comply with USP<800>. What are your challenges? Is RxCrush helping your compliance?
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There are suggestions to mitigate exposure to hazardous meds posted throughout this Forum. We cannot say that RxCrush meets all USP<800> guidelines, that would require something equivalent to a CSTD (Controlled System Transfer Device) for solid medications which RxCrush does not qualify for. RxCrush does control solid material and liquid forms of the pill crushing process but doesn’t contain vapors when the medication mixture is exposed to the air when the syringe is disconnected from the pill pouch.

USP<800> does recommend that hazardous meds be contained in a plastic pouch while crushing, but also advises that hazardous drug handling protections of proper PPE, negative atmosphere containment and transportation protections be used to limit hazardous exposure.

Bruce Collett

Would be very interested in the response to Karin’s question. We are considering RxCrush for trable 2 and 3 but are not sure if we could claim compliance with USP 800.


We are evaluating where Rx Crush can fit into our processes. Are your current customers using this for only Table 2 and 3 meds? USP 800 requires a hood for compounding any antineoplastics. Have you had anyone utilize the Rx Crush to crush oral Table 1 meds? We have some non-24 hour facilities who would like to know if we can use Rx Crush for the rare case of a Table 1 oral med that needs to be crushed for administration.


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