Has the company performed testing on the bags to understand what potential exists for bag perforation during the crushing process?

Thank you for the question. When designing the pouch, durability of the material was of utmost importance. Other crusher systems use a polyethylene pouch that is very prone to puncture under normal use. Since the RxCrush system is a sealed system, it was very important that pill crushing action would not cause the seal to be compromised. We worked through several iterations of materials until we found a material that was very tough. We tested using pills of all shapes and hardness and other materials such as rock salt and gravel. The pouch material withstood rupture many times better than competitive pouches. We are confident that crushing pills in a normal scenario is very unlikely to produce a pouch rupture. The zip seal has been redesigned to avoid leakage from it as well. Since the redesign, we have not received any customer feedback of leaking zip seals or ruptured pouches. The redesigned pouches are the PP05-2 (slip ENFit) and PP06 (locking ENFit) pouches.

We received a report of a customer performing a crushing trial with lifesavers that punctured the pouch. Upon further investigation, lifesavers are very brittle and break into glass-like shards when crushed. We were able to replicate the pouch puncture. There are no pills to our knowledge that behave like lifesavers when crushed. We do not suggest crushing lifesavers for demonstration purposes. Other candies that are less brittle would be a good choice.

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