How much medication escapes during crushing?

How much medication escapes during crushing?

During our quality testing of PP06, PP08, PP10, and PP20  Pill Pouches, we found no medication escapes after pills are sealed in the pouch and during crushing and dissolving, if proper protocol is followed.

Dissolved medication in solution in the pouches does not escape if protocol is followed. Protocol is described in the Pill Crusher Instruction flow chart on the "How to Use" page.

Aerosols of volatile medicines are contained until the pill pouch and syringe are detached from the pill pouch. We recommend positive pressure environments to be used to contain aerosols. 
"Has there been studies done to show how much escape of drug exist with using the device?"
Question was asked by Ngoc Nuygen, PharmD Lead Clinical Pharmacist BCPS from San Ramon Regional Medical Center.
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A major east coast research hospital has run a carefully controlled test of 5 different pill crushing devices and methods. RxCrush measured the least amount of particulate escaping during the pill crushing process. The numbers we have seen show 5 times less particulate escaping using the RxCrush system. Their study may be published at which time we will share which hospital ran the tests.

Bruce Collett

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