RxCrush Locking ENFit Pill Pouch (PP06) with CA03 ENFit Cap

Is it necessary to cap the pill pouch

"Crushing a med in the pharmacy but not mixing it there, does the pouch need a cap? Will any crushed powder escape if there is no cap?", is the question asked by a customer.

A cap isn't absolutely necessary but recommended. The pill pouch is likely to have some pill dust escape while the meds are crushed in the pouch and when the pouch is handled or transported unless the pouch is capped or sealed with an ENFit syringe.

We recommend using our item number CA03 to seal the pouch while crushing and handling, which is shown here:https://www.rxcrush.com/product-page/ca03-enfit-pill-pouch-cap-qty-100-1.

A syringe attached to the pouch acts as a handle for the pouch while meds are being crushed in the RxCrush Pill Crusher. The CA03 cap also is a useful handle for the pouch while crushing and transporting.

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