RxCrush Locking ENFit Pill Pouch (PP06) with CA03 ENFit Cap

RxCrush Pill Pouch ENFit Cap is for crushing medication without an ENFit syringe attached

"Crushing a med in the pharmacy but not mixing it there, does the pouch need a cap? Will any crushed powder escape if there is no cap?", is the question asked by a customer.

To prevent medication from escaping during dry crushing, we recommend using our item number CA03  (Female ENFit Pill Pouch Cap) to seal the pouch while crushing and handling, which is shown here:https://www.rxcrush.com/product-page/ca03-enfit-pill-pouch-cap-qty-100-1.  Capping the pouch creates a completely closed system where no medication is discharged into the environment while capped.  A capped pouch can be transported within the hospital with confidence that there will be no contamination. 

When the pouch is delivered to the place where the medication is to be administered, an ENFit syringe with liquid can be attached to the pouch and irrigated so the medication dissolves. When the cap is removed and an ENFit syringe is attached the system is no longer closed.

RxCrush is not a CSTD or Closed System Transfer Device.  Instead, RxCrush is a "contained pill crushing system".  Solids or pills and liquid are contained in the pouch while capped with either a syringe or a cap. Whenever a cap or a syringe is detached from the pill pouch, there is an opportunity for volatile medications to escape into the air.  The system is no longer "closed" when the cap or the syringe is removed.  

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