PP08- RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch with Locking ENFit-QTY 50


  • Pediatric size RxCruch Pill Pouch
  • Can be used with 1ml, 3ml, 5ml ENFit syringes or larger
  • Rx Crush Pill Pouch with smooth interior contours that restrict less medication delivering more accurate dose.
  • Full Locking ENFit nozzle for more sure connection to syringe.
  • Zip seal will not leak.
  • RxCrush Pill Pouch with locking ENFit, ISO 80369-3 compliant.
  • Use pouch to contain hazardous drugs to assist with USP<800>, USP<795>, and USP<797> compliance.
  • ENFit tip fits to ENFit syringes only. With transition connectors other style syringes can be attached.

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