Is there any possibilities for leakages?

I would like to know if there are possibilities of leakages when transferring the solvent from the ENFit syringe to the Rx Crush Pill Pouch and when transferring the mixed solution from the Pouch to the ENFit syringe. What about when using other syringes like Luer lock and Catheter syringes? -jinsuh jang

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That is correct. Using the protocol carefully does prevent any drips or leakage of medication during the process. Also interesting is our bench test data that Rx Crush Pill Pouches when attached to an ENFit syringe can withstand up to 5psi of pressure which is within normal use parameters.

Bruce Collett

Okay so there could be a leakage in the pouch if held the other way, but there are no leakages occurring in between the syringe and the pouch during transfer. Is that correct?

jinsuh jang

A video showing the process to crush, dissolve, and extract medication from the pill pouch can be found on the “How to Use” section of this web site. At about the 2:00 min mark through 2:20 there are steps that keeps liquid from dripping out of the pill pouch while transferring into a syringe. Positioning syringes and pouches upright, (pouch up, syringe below) keep the liquids from leaking out of pouches while extracting. Any ENFit, Luer, Catheter or Oral style syringe work in the same fashion, with the appropriate adapter attached to the pouch and syringe.

There is a possibility of leakage if the pouch and syringe is held the other way with the pouch opening down instead of up. Also outside pressure on the pouches and syringes is meant to me mild not at high pressure.

Bruce Collett

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