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RxCrush ENFit Syringe Caps - QTY 100

RxCrush ENFit Syringe Caps - QTY 100


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Male Cap for any ENFit syringe. Used to seal an ENFit syringe for transport or storage. Fits standard as well as low-dose-tip ENFit syringes. Qty 100

  • Vented cap - screws on but is not sealed to allow contents to vent
  • Screw on cap - screws on and is sealed to prevent contents from leaking. Purple, clear or white depending on supply.
  • Push on cap - pushes on for quick on and off, does not screw on
  • Sterile cap - sterile push on cap for quick on and off. Comes in sterile blister pack
  • Tamper evident cap - screw on sealed cap that is tamper evident


  • Material:
  • Weight:
  • Piece Length:
  • Piece Width:
  • Piece Height:
  • Volume:


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