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RxCrush ENFit Syringe - Nonsterile

RxCrush ENFit Syringe - Nonsterile


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  • ENFit Syringe. Female tip with purple plunger.
  • Use instead of Luer, Oral, or Catheter syringes for tube feeding.
  • ISO 80369-3 compliant. 
  • No cap with syringe. See CA06.
  • Materials: PP, Isoprene.
  • Use with RxCrush Pill Pouches or ENFit feeding tubes and extension sets.
  • Single patient use and Rx only.



  • Material:
  • Weight:
  • Piece Length: 8 in
  • Piece Width: 10 in
  • Piece Height: 10 in
  • Volume: 500 fl oz


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