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RxCrush Pill Crusher Pouch with Locking ENFit - PP06 - QTY 50

RxCrush Pill Crusher Pouch with Locking ENFit - PP06 - QTY 50

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  • RxCrush Pill Pouch with smooth interior contours that restrict less medication delivering more accurate dose.
  • Full Locking ENFit nozzle for more sure connection to syringe.
  • Zip seal will not leak.
  • Offset flaps for easier opening
  • ISO 80369-3 compliant.
  • Use pouch to contain hazardous drugs to assist with USP<800>, USP<795>, and USP<797> compliance. 
  • ENFit tip fits to ENFit syringes only.  With transition connectors other syringe types can be attached.
  • Syringe not included. See SYEN22, SYEN10-2 for suggested syringes.
  • Pouch cap not included. See CA02 or CA03 for suggested caps.


  1. Insert pills into pouch to contain medication dust while crushing with RxCrush Pill Crusher.
  2. Connect pouch to a water-filled ENFit syringe and inject water into pouch.
  3. Shake pouch until crushed pills are dissolved in the water.
  4. Withdraw contents into syringe.
  5. Disconnect syringe from pouch and administer contents into feeding tube, food or drink.
  6. Flush pouch with additional water until all medication has been removed from pouch.


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