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RxCrush® Pill Crusher II

RxCrush® Pill Crusher II


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RxCrush Pill Crusher II is faster, safer and cleaner than any other pill crushing system when used with RxCrush Pill Pouches.


  • 2 stage crushing device crushes and pulverizes pills to dissolve faster in liquid. Ideal for preparing solid medications for feeding tubes
  • Safer than any other pill crushing system when used with RxCrush contained pill pouches. No pill dust escapes during crushing
  • Use with a variety of RxCrush Pill Pouches PP06, PP08, PP10, and PP20 and other branded pill pouches to contain pill dust and liquid
  • Pulverized pills dissolve quickly and eliminates clogged feeding tubes
  • Width and length is optimized for stable and frequent use
  • Shipped with instruction sheets in English PC11-EN, or French PC11-FR, or Spanish PC11-SP, or all 3 languages


The RxCrush Pill Crusher II has several improvements over model I. 

  • The Pouch Caddy can be attached to the crusher
  • Polished stainless steel is used on all wear surfaces for added durability
  • High friction polyurethane pads have replaced the suction cups for greater longevity
  • Rivets have replaced screws for greater holding reliability
  • Sealed bearing has replaced bushing for more consistent and smoother rotation
  • QR code for online instructions printed on crusher
  • Streamlined design and decreased overall weight


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