RxCrush® Pill Pouches are ENFit® equipped to make tube-fed patients safer

RxCrush® Pill Pouches are ENFit® equipped to make tube-fed patients safer

May 18, 2022 - Resolve Designs, the manufacturer of RxCrush® Pill Crushing system, make pill pouches that are equipped with ENFit connections on each pouch used for Enteral or tube-feeding. The standard for universal connection for nutritional feeding is adopted as an international standard in ISO 80369-3. RxCrush was designed to meet ENFit® requirements.

Many worldwide manufacturers have joined the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) to make ENFit® connections available in all nutritional feeding equipment. RxCrush® pill pouches and syringes connect to any ENFit® devices, found anywhere in the world.

Besides being ENFit® equipped, RxCrush® pouches contain medications while crushing and preparing for use with feeding tubes. The process of crushing is contained in RxCrush’s sealed and very durable pouches. The United States Pharmacopeia chapter 800 (USP<800>) Hazardous Drugs–Handling in Healthcare Settings, describes steps recommended to make healthcare workers and patients safer during the pill crushing process. RxCrush® is the only crushing pouch that contains medications while crushing.

About Resolve Designs

Resolve Designs dba RxCrush designs, manufactures and sells RxCrush Pill Crushing system and accessories.



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