RxCrush - How it works

Learn how to quickly, safely and cleanly pulverize pills with the RxCrush Pill Crushing system.
  • 1

    Insert pill into pill pouch through zip seal and seal bag.

  • 2

    Connect water filled syringe to nozzle on pill pouch. Do not inject water yet.

  • 3

    Position pouch zip seal under roller. Roll over the zip seal to ensure closure.

  • 4

    Hold syringe to the side and use the crush plate to crush pills by moving handle up and down. Nibbling at the pills is quieter and effective at breaking large or hard pills, or many pills at once.

  • 5

    Move the pill pouch under roller and roll back and forth to pulverize pills. Syringe should be held to the side again.

  • 6

    Remove syringe and pouch from the crusher. Inject water from syringe into pill pouch.

  • 7

    Keep syringe attached to pouch and shake pill pouch until medication is dissolved.

  • 8

    Draw dissolved pill solution from pill pouch into syringe. Hold pouch up and syringe down to ensure contents flow into syringe.

  • 9

    Detach syringe from pill pouch. Hold syringe up and pouch down so pouch contents do not leak. Attach syringe to feeding tube and inject solution from syringe into feeding tube.

  • 10

    Refill syringe with water, inject water into pouch, withdraw contents and inject into feeding tube as many times as necessary to remove all pill particles from pill pouch.