How do I disinfect the Pill Crusher?

See the attached file describing the best solutions for cleaning the Pill Crusher.

How to Clean the Pill Crusher

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Question asked by Dawn Kregel of JPS Health June 29, 2021:

“we have a metal pill crusher, we need to know best practices for keeping clean of residue”

The best way to eliminate residue from pill crushers is to use the Rx Crush Pill Pouches while crushing meds. The pouches are completely sealed after the pills are inserted and a syringe is attached to the ENFit port. Pill dust and liquid are completely contained while using the protocol that is described on our web site under the How to Use tab or under the RxCrush Store page. Each product picture has enlarged and multiple view pictures when you click on the “Quick View” pop up. There are also short videos showing how the different pieces can be attached.

One pouch shown, PP10 doesn’t connect with a syringe. It does contain pills while crushing and prevents pill dust from contaminating the crusher. When the top of this pill pouch is removed there is a possibility of pill dust spreading as the contents are poured into another container.

Recommended cleaning agents are listed in this thread.

Bruce Collett

Chlorine, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide based wipes are effective in cleaning surfaces of the Rx Crush Pill Crusher.

Use wipes that are meant for hard surfaces for disinfecting in hospitals like:

PDI – Super Sani Cloth

Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes

Allow the surfaces of the Pill Crusher to dry and don’t use a paper towel to dry off unless the towel is also anti-fungal, anti-germ.

Bruce Collett

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