Can a crushed med be drawn up with applesauce? ( or with syrup? )

Applesauce, or syrup or pudding can be drawn through the ENFit fitting and an ENFit syringe if the substance isn't too thick and if the medication can be dissolved into applesauce or syrup.   Its unlikely medication will dissolve in the pouch with applesauce or syrup, and it won't extract evenly from the pill pouch. Medication will be left stuck to clumps on the walls of the pouch.  Instead, try this.

Crush the medication with distilled water as the diluent.  Use as little as you can to adequately dissolve the medication; somewhere around 5ml to 10ml.  When the medication is completely dissolved in solution, detach the syringe from the pouch you've used while crushing, and fill the syringe with 10 to 20ml of applesauce or syrup.  Re-attach the syringe to the pouch, inject the sauce or syrup into the pouch and shake the pouch to dissolve the the medicine into the applesauce or syrup.  To extract the medication solution from the pouch hold the pill pouch vertically with pouch on the top and the syringe still attached, extract the solution back into the syringe so it can be injected into more food or into the patient's mouth. 

Another solution is to crush the medication and pour it into the food.  

When adding pills into applesauce or pudding, use the PP10, or PP20 Pill Pouches to crush the medication. Then tear off the top of the pouch and pour the pill powder into the food substance. Take a look at the items here:, and  There are pictures of these steps if you click on the picture of the item from the Store page.

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