Crushing Capsules

Rx Crush Pill Pouches and Pill Crusher can be used to crush hard capsules and dissolve medication for introduction into enteral feeding systems and or into food. Review the How to Use video here to become familiar with the steps for using Rx Crush. Here are some steps to accomplish this.


Use the crush plate on the pill crusher to crack open the hard capsule shell of the medication. Crush the capsule as little as possible to reduce the number of capsule fragments. Avoid using the roller on the capsule for the same reason. Tap and shake the pouch to remove as much medication from the capsule as possible. Inject liquid into the pill pouch using the attached syringe. There will still be some medication in the capsule that will dissolve after diluent is introduced into the pouch. Shake the solution and medication vigorously to dissolve as much of the medication as possible. Use fingers to trap capsule material while extracting solution from the pill pouch. Capsule fragments can plug the opening to the pouch fitting so keep those fragments away from the opening while drawing out the syringe. Repeat as many times as necessary to dissolve all the medication.

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