Crushing Gel Capsules

Review the steps for using Rx Crush and how to attach syringes to pill pouch. Here is a video showing regular steps which need to be adapted to use with Gel caps.

Before putting gel cap into an Rx Crush Pill pouch, lance the gel cap with a needle and drop into an Rx Crush pill pouch. After the pouch is sealed and a syringe is attached with diluent loaded into the syringe, use the Crush plate of the crusher to squeeze the contents of the gel capsule into the pouch. There is no need to use the roller of the Crusher although it may be useful to empty the gel cap. Inject solution into the Rx Crush pill pouch and shake vigorously to dissolve the medication. The process may need to be repeated several times to dissolve all the medication.
Gel caps can be dissolved without emptying the gel cap using warm water but it does take a while to dissolve the gel cap.
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