Hazardous Drug Preparation with RxCrush system

Question received by Heather Demyan, Nurse Educator at The Ohio State U Medical Center.

"Is this device approved for hazardous medication administration?"

Yes, RxCrush was designed to increase safety while manipulating hazardous medications. The pouches create a "contained" system that keeps medication dust and liquid under control through the process. Prudent precautions need to be used ie, PPE, controlled negative atmosphere room or hood etc. Also the instruction steps listed in the "How to Use" section of the web site need to be followed carefully to keep liquid contained in the pouch and the syringe while transferring dissolved medications to feeding systems. https://www.rxcrush.com/how-it-works.
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Are the male and female adapters required for a “true” closed containment device so that this can be used outside of a negative pressure hood and remain compliant with USP <800>?


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