How long can meds be stored in Rx Crush pouches

There have been several inquiries about how long can medication be stored in the pill pouch after crushing. The consensus so far is that the crushed medication can last at least as long as the pill would last in a pill bottle, providing the pouch is either capped with CA02 or CA03 or with a syringe attached. As long as the pouch is closed with one of the caps or syringes and there is no liquid in the pouch the medication is protected from oxidation and should preserve the properties of the medication at least as long as if the pill is stored in a bottle. The pouches are clear so UV deterioration is not protected.

Pharmacists who are familiar with the properties of each med should make the determination.

The FDA and USP have different opinions about how long medications can be kept after compounding. Also there has been a question about how far a medication can be transported out of the pharmacy for safety. Premier Inc has issued an opinion letter to the FDA encouraging the FDA and USP to align their guidance. The letter is accessible through Premier Inc's web site.

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