How many refills on average of syringe diluent/water are required to remove all pill particles from pill pouch?

That is a really good question. It would be very hard to say for sure but will depend on a couple factors:


* How well the pill particles are dissolved. That is a function of how long the mixture is shaken and how well the pill dissolves in liquid. Some pills that have coatings on them are more difficult to dissolve. A trial should be performed on these pills to determine if they are worth trying to dissolve in liquid.

* How accurate the dose needs to be. If the dose needs to be accurate, more flush cycles will be required.


Our tests have shown anywhere from 2 to 5 flush cycles get most of the medication out of the pouch. One flush cycle almost always leaves quite a bit of residual unless a lot of time is taken to shake the mixture to dissolve the medication.

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For most medications 20ml to 35ml ENFit syringes are optimum. This size provides enough liquid in most cases to dissolve crushed medication in the RxCrush Pouch PP06, depending on the medications. More than one cycle of irrigation is still recommended to deliver almost all of the medication dose.

Bruce Collett

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