How much water or solution should be used in an RxCrush Pill Pouch

The amount of liquid varies depending on the patient. Some little people are unable to take in more than 15ml of liquid whereas adults have much larger capacity. The PP06 RxCrush Pill Pouch has a total volume capacity of 50ml. For most adult patients 20 ml is the optimum amount to use and is delivered by syringes of that range. In the RxCrush catalog see

Pediatric patient dosages can be managed with the use of 1ml to 5ml syringes.
For those who can handle less liquid the PP08 RxCrush Pediatric Pill Pouch helps crush and dissolve and deliver medication with less liquid.
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Total liquid capacity of the PP08 Pediatric Pill Pouch is 30ml. Optimal ENFit syringe size is 10ml.

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