What do you do when a patient needs applesauce or pudding to give oral meds after you crush the meds through rx crush.

If you use the PP06 Pill Pouch to crush the meds, attach the syringe with water before crushing. Eject water into the pouch to dissolve the crushed medication, then extract the dissolved solution with the syringe and empty the syringe into food.

The best solution is to use RxCrush's Pediatric, Sealed, Tear Off Pill Pouch, item PP10 as shown on the store page: https://www.rxcrush.com/product-page/pp10-rxcrush-pediatric-sealed-tear-off-pill-pouch-qty50.

Use RxCrush Pill Crusher to crush medications that are placed in the pouch and sealed. The pouch has enough length to use under the crusher without endangering fingers and no syringe is needed to work the pouch under the crusher. After crushing, tear off the top of the pouch and pour into applesauce, or pudding or other edible foods.

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