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ENFit® to Oral Adapter

ENFit® to Oral Adapter


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Oral Standard Bore, EO02
  • Connects and locks to male ENFit (RxCrush pill pouch) and mates to male Oral syringe. DOES NOT CONNECT TO ENFit SYRINGES.
  • Adapter has female ENFit and female Oral ends.
  • Made of ABS material.
  • Warning, if used incorrectly this adapter will fit onto Luer syringes, will leak and introduces a cross connection hazard. USE ONLY WITH ORAL SYRINGES.

Oral Large Bore, EO05

  • Connects to male ENFit (RxCrush pill pouches) and large bore male Oral syringe. DOES NOT CONNECT TO ENFit SYRINGES. 
  • Adapter has female ENFit (slip fit, does NOT have locking ENFit) and female Oral ends. The oral end is nonstandard so ensure the ID of this adapter fits the OD of your oral syringe.
  • Made of PVC material
  • 0.205 inch ID / 0.268 inch OD (5.2 mm / 6.8 mm), both ends


  • Material:
  • Weight:
  • Piece Length:
  • Piece Width:
  • Piece Height:
  • Volume:


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