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Lopez Valve

Lopez Valve


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Maintain a closed system throughout enteral feeding, drug administration, and suctioning procedures. Maximize healthcare worker safety with closed system technology.

The Lopez Valve® is designed to help you save time by eliminating the use of nasogastric (NG) tube plugs and poor syringe connections while keeping you safe from accidental exposure to infectious bodily fluids.


  • Medication poart to deliver medication via syringe, lavage valve, and NG tube.
  • Universal adapter to securely attach feeding/nutrition source.
  • Tapered NG tube connection to securely attach Lopez Valve to enteral feeding tube.


Provides access to enteral systems without opening lines, protecting healthcare workers from exposure to gastric fluids and bloodborne pathogens while preventing inadvertent connection to vascular, respiratory, or epidural lines.

  • Become compliant with the International Standard Organization’s ISO CD 80369-3.
  • Avoid unnecessary line manipulation and disconnections.
  • Reduce exposure to potentially infectious bodily fluids or gastric secretions.
  • Facilitate gastric lavage without risk of splashing.
  • Conforms to ISO CD 80369-3 guideline for enteral feeding connectors.


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