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Male ENFit® Syringe Cap

Male ENFit® Syringe Cap


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Male Cap for any ENFit syringe. Used to cap an ENFit syringe for transport or storage. Fits standard as well as low-dose-tip ENFit syringes. Qty 100

  • CA05 - Vented screw-on. Not sealed to allow contents to vent.
  • CA06 - Screw-on. Sealed to prevent contents from leaking. Purple, clear or white depending on supply.
  • CA07 - Push-on. Pushes on for quick on and off.
  • CA08 - Sterile screw-on. Sterile screw-on comes in blister pack.
  • CA09 - Tamper-evident screw-on. Sealed cap that is tamper evident.


  • Material:
  • Weight:
  • Piece Length:
  • Piece Width:
  • Piece Height:
  • Volume:


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