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PowderCrush® Pill Crusher

PowderCrush® Pill Crusher


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This automated pill crusher is the perfect product for any long-term care, pharmacy, hospital or correctional facility.

Powdercrush® saves time and eliminates the risk of injury. This unique tablet crusher turns pills to a super-fine powder and will make medication passes a breeze. The Powdercrush® is battery operated pill crusher powered by 2 rechargeable batteries.

Unlike a manual crushers this battery powered pill crusher reduces the chance of a repetitive strain injuries for nurses, and will eliminate the risk of being short staffed or having to face costly injury claims. The Powdercrush medication crusher saves your facility time and money on each med pass.

The Powdercrush® is used with our disposable medication PharmaPouch and they come in quantities of 1000 and 8000. Stop hand crushing your meds and start PowderCrushing.  Use this powerful, portable, and safe tablet crusher from Manrex, but when the Powdercrush® is used with pouches the risk of cross contamination is eliminated.  Efficiencies on the cleaning will allow your medication passes to be sped up even more.


  • Material:
  • Weight: 5.95 oz
  • Piece Length: 10.98 in
  • Piece Width: 3.25 in
  • Piece Height: 3.74 in
  • Volume:


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