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RxCrush® Pill Pouch, 2"x3", 30ml, ENFit®

RxCrush® Pill Pouch, 2"x3", 30ml, ENFit®


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Sealed plastic pouch with Locking ENFit connection to prepare smaller doses than with the PP06 pouch (30ml capacity), to contain and dissolve medication while crushing in the RxCrush Pill Crusher or with other brands of crushers. 

  • For use with RxCrush Pill Crusher or other brands of crusher with smaller crushing mechanism 
  • Smooth interior contours delivers complete dose from pouch
  • Full Locking ENFit nozzle for more sure connection to ENFit syringes
  • Zip seals do not leak
  • Offset flaps for easier opening to insert pills to be crushed/dissolved
  • ISO 80369-3 compliant
  • Contains drugs while crushing to assist with USP<800> - Hazardous Medication, USP<795>, and USP<797> compliance
  • ENFit connection nozzle fits any ENFit syringe
  • Non-ENFit syringes will connect with transition connectors
  • Syringe not included. See SYEN20, SYEN10  or other ENFit and LDT ENFit syringes
  • Pouch caps (ENFit) not included. See CA02 or CA03 for suggested caps
  • Liquid capacity is 30ml.  Optimum syringe sizes to use are from 0.5ml to 20ml. 
  • Optimal pill capacity is about 5, depending on medication

Instructions for use (see full instructions here



    • Material: PE, PA, PET, HDPE
    • Weight: 2.9 g
    • Piece Length: 11 cm
    • Piece Width: 5 cm
    • Piece Height: 1.2 cm
    • Volume: 30 mL

    • Nonsterile


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