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RxCrush® Pill Pouch, 3"x5", 50ml, ENFit®

RxCrush® Pill Pouch, 3"x5", 50ml, ENFit®


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Sealed plastic pouch with Locking ENFit connection to contain and dissolve medication while crushing in the RxCrush Pill Crusher 
  • Smooth interior contours delivers complete dose
  • Full Locking ENFit nozzle for more sure connection to syringe
  • Zip seals do not leak
  • Offset flaps for easier opening to insert pills to be crushed/dissolved
  • ISO 80369-3 compliant
  • Use pouch to contain drugs while crushing to assist with USP<800> - Hazardous Medication, USP<795>, and USP<797> compliance
  • ENFit connection nozzle fits any ENFit syringe
  • Non-ENFit syringes ie. Luer, oral or catheter, will connect with transition connectors
  • Syringe not included. See SYEN20, SYEN10  or other ENFit syringes for suggested syringes
  • Pouch caps (ENFit) not included. See CA02 or CA03
  • Liquid capacity is 50ml.  Optimum size of syringe to use is 20ml although the ranges is from 1ml to 60ml.
  • Optimal pill capacity is about 8, depending on medication.

Instructions for use (see full instructions here



  • Material: PE, PA, PET, HDPE
  • Weight: 4.17 g
  • Piece Length: 13.5 cm
  • Piece Width: 7.6 cm
  • Piece Height: 1.2 cm
  • Volume: 50 mL

  • Nonsterile


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